Analysing the Numbers

Financial Audit


The purpose of an audit is to enhance the degree of confidence of intended users of the financial statements. You need to approach an auditor who can assure you the trust that is required. Our leaders believes in fundamental principles of integrity, Objectivity and confidentiality. Also our highly qualified and experienced team assure you the professional competence and the professional behavior that you are looking for.

RERA service charge audit

Merali’s being the industry leader for more than a decade, when it comes to service charge audits which are regulated by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency), we assure you the best quality service. You will not disappoint by selecting us as your assurance partner because Merali’s as the industry leader we believe that we have a responsibility towards the betterment of the industry

Financial Review

Moderate assurance is not inconsequential. Quality of the auditor that you select will leads you towards the correct decisions. We know that you trust our opinion, therefore we will implement the best practices relating to financial reviews to deliver you the outcome that you deserve.

Other Assurance Services

Our highly skilled team with high level of professional skepticism will ensure the correct opinion that you can rely on your decisions. Our strength is the strong leadership who leads the team by vast experience in assurance engagements locally and internationally.

Agreed upon Procedures

We know that you are making your decisions based on our findings and we want to be your trusted partner who can guide you towards the correct decision. Technically sound professionals in our firm attest the accuracy of our findings.

Compiling Financial Statements

Financial information will be more reliable if it is completed with professional competence and due care. Our team with internationally recognized professional qualifications can deliver you the quality of the service that you are expecting in your financial information.

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