Business Meeting

It is widely accepted that the business environment of today moves faster than at any time before. Change is one of the few true constants - another being the inevitable failure of those businesses that do not face up to the need to adapt.

Globalisation is altering the business landscape, with new opportunities and threats emerging on an increasingly frequent basis. At the same time, businesses in the leading economies are facing greater regulation, with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the USA, the LSF requirements in France and JSOx legislation in Japan all placing significant additional burdens on companies listed in those countries and their overseas subsidiaries.


How to stay ahead of the game is not a consideration for yesterday, today or tomorrow – it is a consideration for everyday. Maintaining lean, efficient business processes is a critical part of keeping in front of the competition.


Merali's has the skills and experience required to help you to face these challenges - ensuring your company is amongst those that continue to prosper into the future.


Strategy advice

Developing a strategy that will enable you to exploit a new market or gain the upper hand on your competitors is crucial to all businesses.


We would advocate that having a clear plan that defines how you intend to succeed is desirable in any context, no matter how simple your strategic rationale appears to be. If necessary, we can help you to develop and articulate your ideas and assess the internal and external factors that will either support or oppose the achievement of your plans.


However, developing the ideas that will give you a significant competitive advantage is only part of the battle. Many strategies look great on paper. Successfully putting those strategies into action is the real challenge. Poor planning and weak delivery at this stage frequently means that potentially brilliant strategies never reach fruition.


At Merali's we have the knowledge and experience to help you to make sure your plans do get off the drawing board and are converted into successful operational actions.


How we can help


The approach we take to helping you in this area will be tailored to your own specific requirements. There are two broad areas where we provide assistance to clients:

  • Strategy development

  • Translating strategy to operations


Procurement solutions

You are in business, therefore you spend money. No doubt, most of this is used wisely. However, it is very difficult for any company to have in-house expertise in every category of its expenditure.


That is where outsourced purchasing skills have a role to play, and that is where Merali's can save you a significant amount of money and have a major impact on your bottom line.


Know what you spend:

  • Spend review assessment

  • Ongoing spend visibility technology

  • Profit recovery


Renegotiate with the best:

  • Sourcing projects

  • Co-procurement

  • Outsourced minor spend performance

  • Control your spend


Operational improvement

For many years, most businesses have differentiated themselves either by delivering goods or services at the lowest cost or by selling an actual or perceived premium quality in order to gain a market advantage.


In today's global economy, it is becoming increasingly obvious that differentiation is no longer that simple. In order to meet the challenges of today and indeed tomorrow, there is ever-increasing pressure on businesses to be able to provide both low cost and high quality products and services.


Furthermore, there is evidence that the product life cycle of many goods and services is shortening. With the acceleration in technological advancement, the rapid growth of the third world economies and logistics support that was not even dreamt of ten years ago, it appears that 'better' products and services appear more frequently – often at a lower cost.


Today, significant business advantage can be gained by those businesses with an operating model and/or cost structure with the flexibility to exploit cost and revenue opportunities in the shortest possible timeframe.


The Merali's Strategic Cost Management Model is a framework to help businesses to design and implement a business operating model and underlying cost structures that will enable you to gain this sustainable advantage.


First class finance

At Merali's our consultants know what a first class finance function looks and feels like. That is because they have worked in many of the best - making them the ideal people to help you to improve your finance function.


How we can help


Our team of specialists can assist you in many areas, including:

  • Finance function

  • Effectiveness

  • Shared service centre optimisation

  • Finance close process improvement

  • Costing model development.


Change management

Business leaders know that change is often a difficult process. They also know that change is an essential part of business survival and prosperity, and has to be a regular part of company life.


Whilst usually recognising these points, organisations often neglect to give change the respect or priority it deserves, failing to devote sufficient resources towards effective change management.


Whatever the magnitude and nature of the change, whether it is enterprise-wide or discreet in scope, and whether it is evolutionary or revolutionary in its nature – identifying and addressing the related change issues is a pre-requisite for success.


Merali's can help you in a range of different change situations, specifically:

  • strategy to operational implementation

  • project management

  • programme management


Business intelligence

In our experience it is a common theme that management teams overlook the value that can be derived from effective performance measurement activity.


Monthly management reporting packs are, we find, frequently densely populated with historical financial data, whilst incisive future-facing analysis and information on key non-financial measures is often missing. Sadly, quantity rather than quality seems to win out in the generation of many companies' performance measurement reports.


Perhaps more concerning, however, is that having generated copious amounts of data, it seems to be often the case that little attention is actually paid to the measures presented, and the review activity often seems divorced from decision-making processes.


At Merali's we believe that a robust approach to performance measurement should be a valued part of any organisation's management disciplines. Clearly, how this looks for any one organisation will depend on scale, complexity, industry and a range of other factors. However, without the right performance measurement regime, risk undoubtedly increases risk of misinformed and therefore poor decisions, and also risk of issues not being spotted early enough before they have a significant negative impact on the achievement of strategic goals.


How we can help


Merali's can help you make sure that you have the right processes in place to generate business intelligence that is right for your organisation.

Our specialists have considerable experience of helping organisations to evaluate their present performance measurement activities, identify areas for improvement and make practical recommendations that we can help you to implement.