Analysing the Numbers

The Risk and Corporate Governance team at Merali's draws upon a range of complementary services in order to ensure that businesses not only comply with their regulatory requirements but also that they improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes.


Merali's experts provide more than a simple assessment of financial controls.


Our multi-disciplinary team can help you in:

  • Identifying improvements to business processes

  • Examining and assessing corporate governance procedures

  • Providing full or complementary internal audits

  • Reviewing and refining enterprise risk management

  • Facilitating Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory compliance.


In every case, the starting point is usually the same: to fully understand the requirements of the client and to gain a detailed understanding of the business processes being reviewed and their impact upon the business as a whole.


Only by identifying the weaknesses, as well the strengths, of your current processes can we help you to improve the effectiveness (controls) and efficiency of the processes under review.


One of the first questions we will always ask ourselves is: do we believe we can really help?


At Merali's we will never take an engagement on unless we are absolutely sure we can improve the current processes and therefore add value to a client's business.


Sarbanes - Oxley / JSOx / regulatory compliance

Merali's has significant experience assisting businesses with their SOx compliance programs.


Passed in 2002 in the US following high profile accounting scandals, the Sarbanes Oxley act introduced a number of reforms aimed at improving corporate responsibility and combating fraud.


Compliance requires an annual management report upon and an audit of the internal controls over financial reporting for the company.

Merali's experts will work with management in order to ensure that a risk based approach to compliance is adopted, this will help to ensure that the cost of compliance is minimised where appropriate.


Our tried and tested to approach to program design and controls testing has been proved time and again, working with both small and large organisations. We are now in our fourth year of working with many of our clients.


We can also assist in complying with the Japan's recently passed Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, otherwise known 'JSox', an equally important process for businesses listed in Japan.

Internal audit


The need for a focused approach to internal audit and risk management has never been as great as it is today. Risks left unmanaged in an organisation can ultimately result in its demise.


Merali's provides a complete range of internal audit, governance and risk services tailored to your sector, size, risk appetite and regulatory requirements. At Merali's we focus on delivering the internal audit solution you need in a way that fits in with the way that you do business.


Whether you require outsourcing/co-sourcing, internal audit transformation, internal audit start-up assistance or simply a need to improve internal controls and increase efficiency and value - we are able to provide extensive knowledge, sector specialisms and technical risk expertise tailored to individual needs.


Our risk-based approach identifies the areas that are of most risk to an organisation's strategic, financial and operational effectiveness.

We ensure that your systems / processes / people and working practices are 'aligned' to your risks and business objectives.


On identifying any areas of weakness, corrective actions are produced and prioritised in order to provide a clear direction and path for management to take.


Where an organisation already has some of the skills required to complete the process but lacks expertise in a particular area, we can supplement the existing skill-set.


Whether you need an outsourced or co-sourced solution or already have an established internal audit function and simply need specialist support, our experienced internal audit and risk management professionals are ready to work with you to help you enhance your systems of governance, risk and control.


Enterprise risk management

An effective enterprise risk management process is essential in today's business environment.


Knowing the potential risks facing your business and having a plan in place to deal with them should they occur can make the difference between success and failure.


Merali's experts can assist you to:

  • Identify the risks facing your business

  • Evaluate the impact the risks would have upon your business

  • Understand and communicate your risk appetite

  • Profile the risks facing your business and

  • Determine an appropriate response for each of the risks.


Using our risk navigator tool we can easily identify the key risks facing a business and what management has in place to mitigate against the risks, furthermore we can test managements controls to identify if in fact they are working as management expect.


In addition to this Merali's can work with you to ensure that you have a business continuity plan in place and that as far as is practical this has been tried and tested.

Business process improvement

Effective and efficient business processes are vital if your organisation is to run smoothly and maintain profitability.


By improving your business processes – your purchase to pay system or inventory management processes, for example – you can radically improve the efficiency and profitability of your operation whilst maintaining or improving your control environment.


Merali's experts can help you evaluate and improve your business and back office processes. We can help you analyse where you might be losing profitability or productivity due to weaknesses within your business processes.


For example, it may be that the number of credit notes being issued seems high as does the cost of processing these. In reality the real issue may in fact be caused by errors in your despatch processes.


We will look at all of your business processes and document the issues we find, identifying where improvements can be made and how changes might be implemented.


As an outside entity, Merali's can impartially and diplomatically suggest improvements to your business processes with the aim of increasing your efficiency and profitability.