Real Estate


Analysing the Numbers

We have built a strong team of professionals which specializes in the Real Estate industry. Below are some of the key services


This is a specialist area that requires technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of the region’s real estate industry. We have a specialist team that provide cost-effective audits of service charge accounts and related services to residential, retail, commercial and mixed developments.

The fundamental purpose of a Budget Review is conducting a review of the budgeted service charge figures and match them to the industry standards and regulatory guidelines. Our team provides an independent review of the service charge budgets of an owners’ union to ensure reasonability of the budgeted expenses and allocations. This provides confidence and reasonable assurance to all stakeholders involved –
real estate developer, association manager, unit owners, investors and tenants.


The purpose of creating of a Reserve Fund Study is to provide a suitable strategy for making provisions for substantial maintenance and replacement of the building / community assets. Our team of professional consultants conduct a thorough review of the detailed reserve fund plan for the building/community in order to levy a reasonable reserve fund.


A Service Charge Model is a high level cost model, the purpose of which is to ensure that service charges are levied on a systematic basis. This model comprises the necessary cost components with a breakdown of each cost calculation methodology.


Our team carries out an assessment and verification of the proposed service standards, management strategy and the likely costs. All of which facilitate our client’s ability to manage their development in accordance with the regulatory guidelines, contribute to a structured approach for the
ultimate “Asset Management” function and support the structures and strategies to facilitate the development being managed professionally into the future.


The purpose of Efficiency Review is to ensure fair pricing to the owners associations and efficient provision of facilities to the owners. It enables to certify that services are obtained after a comprehensive and fair tendering process.

Merali’s has employed a dedicated team of professional consultants which assesses whether the service delivery of facilities management services is done in an efficient manner.

Since the promulgation of local laws, concerning the real estate sector, We take pride in stating that we have close ties with the Regulators towards achieving mutual success in this market.

Our team is well versed with the operations of Escrow Trust Accounts and has mammoth experience & know-how of conducting such audits.

The purpose of sales audit is to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the mall tenants sales figures. In addition to the base rent, tenants are subject to pay the performance rent (turnover rent) as per the lease agreement, if applicable. Our team of auditors has sound experience in these special audits.

Our tax team is available to discuss and bring clarity to the specific challenges that businesses face with respect to VAT. We have the dedicated VAT resources with extensive experience in working with tax authorities and advising clients in other VAT jurisdictions. We also have the expertise to assist you in understanding how VAT will impact your business and to assist with the implementation and compliance process.


Developing Policies and Procedures Manuals is a critical tool for evaluating efficiency and effectiveness for the procedures that exist within organizations. These policies and procedures should be adhered to in all cases and should entail all key processes within organizations. Our team provides a cost effective and efficient solution with an appropriate level of flexibility.