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There will frequently be several facets to every tax decision. To see how the questions around tax all fit together, ask Merali's.

We have experience, knowledge and understanding of taxation and appreciate the needs of both business and personal clients.

As the client, you require well thought-out plans that address your situation as a whole - a 'quick fix' that works advantageously for one tax may not do so for others. Merali's can provide you with balanced, integrated solutions covering potential liabilities for all forms of tax.

For international and expatriate tax issues we also offer connections to equivalent services in other jurisdictions around the world.

VAT and indirect tax

The issues and questions surrounding VAT are notoriously difficult and sometimes thorny.

The work we do recognises that, whereas for direct taxes the distinction is between 'exempt' and 'taxable', those terms mean something very different for VAT.


There's more to consider than just the questions of standard, reduced and zero rates affecting taxable supplies. It may be as important to maximise the reclaims of input tax as it is to make sure that output tax compliance is undertaken correctly.


We will help not only with VAT problem solving but also in developing solutions that allow businesses to optimise their overall VAT position, ensuring there are no transgressions that could incur a penalty.


Services to private clients

Protecting family wealth is a priority for most people, and effective tax planning has a large part to play in this process.


Our experts can advise you on every aspect of your personal tax position, from dealing with your annual self assessment Tax Return to advising on capital gains tax, wills and inheritance tax planning.


A thorough understanding of your needs, objectives and plans for the future is at the very centre of this advice.


Drawing on our experience we will examine issues that you may not have considered, ensuring that your wealth is working effectively for you and that you are planning for both the expected and the unexpected.


Flexibility is key: what works today may not be appropriate in five or ten years' time. We will keep your tax planning strategy under review so that it can be adapted to suit your changing circumstances, or in response to ever-changing tax legislation.


Our services to private clients include:

  • Completion of your self assessment Tax Return

  • Capital gains tax planning

  • Inheritance tax planning and advice on wills

  • Exit and succession planning

  • Services for non-domiciled and expatriate clients

  • Wealth management services

  • Trust accounting and tax compliance

  • Administration of estates.


Whether your financial affairs are straightforward or highly complex you will have a dedicated specialist allocated to you. We develop long-term relationships with our clients in order to deliver a service which meets your specific needs. Whether you require ongoing services or one off specialist advice we will be happy to quote and provide a full explanation of our fees, assisting in your decision to go ahead.

Employer consulting services

Employers need to attract, retain and motivate employees, while controlling employment costs and risks against a background of increasing payroll taxes, ever more regulatory burdens, and constantly evolving market practice in this area.


Your need may be for access to someone able to give quick, practical advice on questions as they arise in your day to day work, and who can be relied on to keep you up to date with changes in law and practice which affect you as an employer. You may from time to time need more extensive help in any of the areas outlined below.


We can help design a remuneration strategy to attract, retain and motivate the right people, and where appropriate implement share plans, bonus plans and other forms of remuneration to support your business strategy.


We help employers in writing or reviewing policies on pay, benefits and expenses, termination payments, engagement of consultants, construction industry subcontractors, and so on, taking account of the tax and other regulatory rules, and the experience of many other clients in formulating policy in this area.


We help clients at all stages of enquiry visits by tax authorities to check compliance including preparation for a review, conduct during it and negotiating settlements where claims for tax arise.


We provide a range of services to help employers deal with international assignments, including help in structuring assignments so as to cater for the complexity of exposure to more than one tax regime, guiding assignees on their obligations, assisting with their personal tax compliance in the home and host countries and liaising with tax authorities on behalf of the employer and the assignee.


Corporate tax

You might represent a quoted international group or an owner managed business. Your corporate tax needs will range from routine annual compliance to specialist advice to plan and support your business strategies and transactions varying according to your particular sector and business circumstances.


There will be immediate tactical decisions and complicated strategic considerations, anticipating the eventual impact of taxation on transaction costs and investment decisions.


To retain control, it's crucial you have the information that allows you to identify issues in good time and the expert advice that will enable you to factor-in practical measures.


Merali's can help you plan a tax-efficient approach to every aspect of your business, one that sees the whole picture and works with you to protect the interests of your stakeholders.


We look after the interests of corporate entities at every stage of their life- cycle:

  • Start-ups

  • Expansion and investment

  • Acquisitions and disposals

  • Raising finance/capital markets

  • Succession planning.


We cover all matters related to the compliance, transaction support and planning issues in your sector. Our tax teams have extensive experience in handling all types of communications and negotiations with taxation authorities.



Tax authorities expect you to get your tax right in an environment of complexity, buttressed by a risk-based tax enquiry approach and a penalty regime should you get it wrong. For larger corporates, whether owner managed or part of international groups tax authorities require increased visibility into your financial controls which impact on your tax risk and can involve a Client Relationship Manager who has stewardship over your interactions with tax authorities on all tax issues.


Our corporate tax compliance service includes:

  • Proven approaches and processes for gathering tax data and meeting your financial reporting obligations as regards tax, whether you are an audit client or not.

  • Preparation and submission of tax computations using the latest software capable of meeting the impending online filing requirements.

  • Advising on specialist areas such as R&D tax credits, capital allowances on buildings and submitting relevant claims on your behalf.

  • Agreement of your returns and tax liabilities with tax authorities and managing the interface with them on a day to day basis or where you have a formal tax enquiry.

  • Using the expertise of the firm to quickly resolve enquiries whether by negotiation using our tax enquiry specialists or technical resource such as our international tax and transfer pricing specialists or technical accounting colleagues.


Whether an owner managed business or a large group of companies with an international footprint, Merali's can devise a tax compliance service to suit your needs; a process designed around accessible people and leading edge technology to ease the ever increasing burden on your business.


International tax

Each jurisdiction has its own tax rules and these will interact in different ways with different countries' rules.


Through our international network, Merali's has the knowledge, experience and geographical coverage to provide you with up to date and relevant advice in every territory you are likely to do business in.


After gaining an understanding of your business and aims for expanding into new markets, Merali's will be in a position to develop a tax structure that:

  • is appropriate to your needs (with particular regard to added complexity versus benefit); and

  • minimises the group's overall tax liability.


In addition, we are well versed in managing the increased compliance burden that result from overseas expansion.